Durlav Sarkar,World Record Holder and Celebrity author-The Future Of Writing Industry

He is Celebrity Author and World Record Holder  Durlav Sarkar the youngest Bengali to receive Dadasaheb Phalke Title and recognised as Karmaveer 2021.

He is a world record holder for writing 55 lyrical sonnets and completing each one of it within 5 mins.

He is the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION-International publishing platform which has 25+ communities under it and the house of creativity including open mics,events and other competitions which includes writing, photography,artwork etc.

He also founded one NGO-Love All Serve All to help the needy people all over the world and set an inspiration for others.

So Times Of Malwa is very happy for his achievement not only for his world record but also for being the youngest Bengali to receive DADASAHEB PHALKE title and for being recognised as Karmaveer 2021 for being an author,entrepreneur,social worker and an Inspiration for the coming generations.

About Durlav Sarkar

He is Durlav Sarkar he is a Btech student studying in MSIT,Kolkata.

He is an young entrepreneur

and is an academic achiever, an ex-student of JDS,Kolkata represented his school in many debates,quizes, vocals and other interschool competitions.

He is a lyricist, writer and singer has his own writing community consisting 300 writers.

He is the Founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION and Love All Serve All NGO, admin of  'The Clicker's platform' and co admin of the Golden Talent and The ethicsz.

He is connected with many writing communities and publications such as Bishara,Flairs and glairs,Spread Those Inks,The opus coliseum and Anuragyam

 He is currently working with an NGO named 'The Panda Foundation' and connected with CYIMUN and many more.

He is also known for graphic designing and conducting events which includes Agomoni 2021 from The Unheard Voices and Dugga Elo.

He likes to give platform to the budding authors,artists and photographers in his pages through all the units of INKZOID FOUNDATION such as Bleed Your Ink,Team Writers,The Quidditch Ink,Penning The Pain,The Revolutionary Ink,Writer's Word,Purpose Go Viral,Aesthete Writers,Inspired Thoughts,world_instapic.hub,INKZOID Wonder,INKZOID Times,The Golden Talent,The Clickers,INKZOID Podcasts,Kalakritiyaan,De Talk.

He started his start-ups under his own foundation to support the young budding talents through Go INKZODIAC awards,INKZOID Book Of Records,INKZOIDOPIDIA several awards of INKZOID FOUNDATION.

He is the founder of Inkzoid Foundation-largest writing community and publishing platform in the world(international publishing platform)and love all serve all- an NGO

He worked in many anthologies and wrote  solo books which is yet to be published.His upcoming solo book is 'The Unexpressed Thoughts' and 'The Record'.

He has been given a title 'The master of rhyming sonnets' from this writing profession.

His hobbies are writing poems, reading books,singing and playing cricket .

His speciality is to write lyrical rhyming sonnets mainly in Bengali and English.

He has a  world record of writing 55 rhyming sonnets within a month and not more than 5 mins to complete each one of it,He is recognised as Karmaveer 2021for his works in writing field and he also received the Dada Saheb PHALKE 2021,being the youngest bengali to receive it.

He is featured in many magazines, websites and live shows/interviews and he is the inspiration of many for his famous line "Haters are my biggest motivators" because he is Victorious in his life even after facing a lot of difficulties in his life including attempt to murders that's why he is a role model for many people.

He is attached with  musical and host events as well.

His poems 'Tumi je mor sikkhok' and 'Bondhu Amar' were famous.

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